‘Difficult for zombies to survive in South Korea’: Park Hyung-sik on what if outbreak in his K-drama Happiness occurs in real life – AsiaOne

Thanks to popularshows like Train to Busanand Kingdom, one can assumethat South Koreans are obsessed with zombies.

But would they really survive if there was anattack?

Actor and ZE:Aboy band member Park Hyung-sik, who playsJung Yi-hyun in the new zombie dramaseries Happiness, toldAsiaOne that he actually thinks so and that it will even "be difficult for zombies to survive in South Korea".

"I think there is a higher probability of us surviving because South Korea is a country with active and reserve forces who can fight awar at any time," the 30-year-old shared.

Hyung-sikadded that in reality, most South Korean men have learned various types of martial arts and the use of firearms in the military, which would come in handy in the event of a zombie invasion.

Apocalyptic thriller Happiness premiered last monthand the 12-episode seriesis set in a time whenthe country is recovering from Covid-19.

When an outbreakthat turns people into blood-sucking zombies occurs, residents who live in the same high-rise condo project are sealed off from the rest of Seoul. This leavesthemto fend for themselves, which in turn breeds plenty of anxiety and paranoia.

Yi-hyun is a police detective who fakes a marriage with his high school friend Yoon Sae-bom (Han Hyo-joo)in order to secure anapartment in the condo.

After encountering an infected person at the Special Operations Unit where she works, Sae-bommeets Han Tae-seok (JoWoo-jin), a lieutenant colonel from the health service command tackling the outbreak.

Though confined to their apartment building,Yi-hyun and Sae-bom aredetermined to get to the bottom of the infectious disease.

Hyung-sik added in our interview, if he could choose a friend to accompany him through an infectious outbreak, that person "doesn't necessarily have to be of help" in regards to their survival.

"I will protect my friends and family," hesaid.

Woo-jin who called his character a grey figure who cannot be defined as good or evil sharedsimilar sentiments to AsiaOne. Insuch a scenario, he said his first instinct would be to save his family, citing them as "the reason for and the motivation behind my survival".

The 42-year-old jokingly added that if he were to engage a friend to help him survive, he'dchoose someone who has links to the government or someone like James Bond.

Hyo-joo,34, saidshe canwithstand an infectious outbreak simply by quarantining herself alone."I feel that staying as I am will be the best survival skill I can have," she saidwith a laugh.

Out of the three,Hyung-sik wouldprobably be the most prepared if such a tragic event were to happen as hecompleted his two-yearmilitary service in January this year.

While some people might dread the idea of serving in the military, Hyung-sik welcomed the experience with open arms.

"Those were two valuable years for me to look back on myself, while also being a time for me to think about what I value in life," he said.

"I also learned that the freedom that we get to enjoy isn't something naturaland at the expense of someone else. It ishard for me to point out which part of me has grown. However, I think that it was definitely a time for me to see life and the world from a broader perspective."

But out of everything, Hyung-sik's key takeaway from his military experience is the friends hemade there.

"There is quite an age difference between us but Imiss my mates who hadovercome tough training together with me.I believe that they are now doing their best to live their lives and they have my support," he shared.

However, as much as he misseshis days in the military, Hyung-sik admittedthat it feels good to be back in front of the camera.

"Watching my friends being active in the entertainment scene made me want to be a part of it again."

Catch Happiness on Viu now!


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