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CHENNAI:Online gaming has a subset of gamers that are as non-toxic as Britney Spears hit song. These gamers play co-operative, or relatively non-competitive games. I have chanced upon them in Roblox, Sea of Thieves, Ghost of Tsushima, and most recently Left4dead. Although, itis possible that I caughtthe community at a good time, so niceness could be a coincidence.

The Left4dead franchise is a frantic, action-packed, zombie hunting adventure. It is a good time to get on to this series, since the next edition of the game releases this October. Back 4 Blood releases 12 whole years after Left 4 Dead 2. This is a mildly big deal, specifically because of the improvements this upgrade provides. We had a glimpse of it last week, during the games open beta. Apart from being a test that gave developers information on the games playability, it provided hype for us zombie-fighting enthusiasts. The best upgrade so far is the cross-platform opportunity. PS, PC and Xbox players can unite in B4B, and defeat swarms of zombies together.

B4Bs graphics upgrade improves to a good from playable, I guess... rating in L4D2. There are newer, more fleshed-out variations of the walking dead. Theres a wider selection of weapons melee and ranged. The sounds sound better. A new selection of characters, armed with not just unique weapons but also customised, quirky commentary. The levels feel more well put-together too! The chaos of attacks just feels better organised in the new game.

For those who are unfamiliar with the idea of co-operative Player vs Enemy games, heres why you should get in on the B4B bandwagon. The horror is not jump-scary. You know exactly what to expect an infinite horde of zombies scurrying in your direction. The game is a great stress-buster, in that you can constantly shoot in the direction of these brainless puppets, watch them scatter and fall. It is fast, and you can win by being reckless. It requires very little skill, you dont need to even aim at a zombie, because theres one everywhere. It is more satisfying than clapping your hands during mosquito season because the probability of hurting yourself in B4B is lesser. A 10/10 for its first sequel this decade.

Anusha Ganapathi


(This economics graduate spendsher leisure time preparingfor the zombie apocalypse)

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