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Based on the number of cemeteries, and the number of people living in Massachusetts, the state would have problems during a zombie apocalypse.

No, seriously.

So says a new study from Rant Casino, an online gaming company which measures populations and other statistics related to gambling.

According to the study, Massachusetts is the 10th worst state on the list to be in given a zombie apocalypse due to the 3,248 cemeteries and the population of about 6.8 million people.

Furthermore, the study estimates there would be a total of about 4.4 million zombies during such a scenario, with zombies being 64.4% of the population in the state.

The study states, "If you live in New York, you might not escape unharmed in a zombie apocalypse with a whopping 12,691,919 potential zombies roaming the streets," adding there are 9,730 cemeteries in that state and a population of about 19.9 million people.

"The second most dangerous state to live in during a zombie apocalypse is Pennsylvania, with 12,505,514 potential zombies," according to the report.

It continues, "In third place is Ohio, with the chance to host 10,361,999 zombies during doomsday 15% more walking dead than California which comes in fourth place with 8,732,358.

"Texas comes in fifth place (8,624,922 potential zombies), followed by Illinois (8,235,259), Indiana (5,979,766) and Missouri (5,970,345)."

However, those people who live in states like Alaska have a chance, as the study states, "If you live in Alaska you might escape a potential zombie apocalypse unharmed, with only 72,849 potential zombies roaming the streets. … The same can be said for Wyoming, the second least affected state, with only 295,117 potential zombies roaming the streets."

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Alaska and Wyoming are ranked 50th and 49th on the list, respectively.

"The third least dangerous place to live during a zombie apocalypse is Nevada (333,326 potential zombies), followed by Hawaii (343,193) and Delaware (446,313)," the study states.

The study states the total number of zombies is synonymous to the number of graves in the area.

Rant Casino conducted the research to "replicate a hypothetical zombie apocalypse in which the deceased are resurrected as the living dead," according to a statement."The research evaluates both the nominal and relative concentrations of zombies in administrative subdivisions of the United Kingdom and United States.

"Estimates for this study are based on a sample of 369,240 globally geolocated cemeteries and over 200 million registered graves acquired from an established public database of cemetery records, Find a Grave (owned by"

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New study: Massachusetts would have 4.4 million zombies in apocalypse - Wicked Local

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