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Stubbs the Zombie, one of the original Xboxs classic titles, might be getting a rerelease on March 16 for Xbox One and Series X. According to True Achievements finding, the Windows Store listing also showed all 35 Stubbs the Zombie Achievements you can get. Read on below.

As you can guess, in Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, you play as the titular Edward Stubbs Stubblefield. Before he ended up as the rotting undead, Stubbs was just a poor traveling salesman who lived happily with his soulmate, Maggie Monday. However, he was killed by Otis, Maggies father. More than two decades later after his death, Stubbs decided to take revenge by consuming the inhabitant of the city of Punchbowl. Made by Wideload and published by Aspyr, the game was released for both Xbox and PC back in 2005.

Since the Stubbs the Zombiererelease listing also details its Achievement, I dont doubt its existence. Especially since Aspyr recently ported other classics like Star Wars Episode I Racer and Jedi Knight to current consoles. Will you be getting this game as well? Drop by in the comments and tell us what you think of this news.

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Stubbs the Zombie Achievements Listing Hints a Re-release in March - The Nerd Stash

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