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Stubbs The Zombie Is a unique action game for the original Xbox that allows players to take the role of an actual zombie. Is it still worth playing?

Ever since Quicksilvaintroduced the world toZombie Zombie1984, gamers have been infatuated with the undead abominations. There are plenty of video gamesthat let players live out their dreams of surviving a zombie apocalypse, but very few make the players into zombies themselves. Enter 2005'sStubbs the Zombie,an original Xboxtitle that's still worth checking out today.

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse, better known as Stubbs the Zombie, is a unique Xbox title that puts an unconventional spin on the zombie genre. Players take the role of a somewhat quirky zombie named Stubbs as he wanders the streets of Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, wreaking havoc on the budding community. Stubbs can transform local residents into his own personal army of flesh-eaters that aid him in his reign of terror.

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The city of Punchbowl is interesting even without a zombie apocalypse. It is a reimagining of a traditional 1950s town with futuristic technology. The entire city is full of high-tech robots, flying cars and advanced gizmos but somehow manages to keep its1950s aesthetic fully intact. It's as if time stood still while innovative technology continued to advance.

Stubbs the Zombie uses the same engine as Halo, giving each stage a similar wide-open feel to many of the levels in the iconic FPS. The linear style of Punchbowl makes it the perfect place for Stubbs to unleash his terrifying, undead Armageddon.

Since Stubbs is a hideous zombie incapable of grasping weapons, the rambunctious flesh-eater must use unorthodox tactics to best his opponents. Stubbs can use different parts of his decaying body to combat overbearing adversaries. Organs can be used to take out enemies from afar, while Stubbs' hand can be ripped off to explore hard to reach areas. The hand can also be used to take over an enemy'smind, as long as they aren't wearing a helmet. This can come in handy when Stubbs needs to unlock a gate or sneak past heavily guarded areas.

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