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Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects features the Firefly family ranch. Sadly, the Sable Ranch filming location in Santa Clarita no longer stands today.

Rob Zombie'sThe Devil's Rejectsfeatures a brand new Firefly family home that was filmed at Sable Ranch, which sadly burned to the ground in 2016 due to a rampant wildfire that swept through Santa Clarita, California. The shift from the Universal Studios Hollywood lot to the ranch was a major marker of the director's affinity for gore. When the Firefly family returned for their third and final movie, Sable Ranch was notably missing due to the fire's destruction.

The Firefly family was first introduced inHouse Of 1000 Corpses. The familyconsists ofCaptain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Otis (Bill Moseley), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), Tiny (Matthew McGrory), Rufus (Robert Allen Mukes), Earl (Jake McKinnon), and Mama Firefly (Karen Black). Following the events of the first movie,The Devil's Rejectsfocused on three of the most significant characters: Captain Spaulding, Baby, and Otis. As they continue their reign of terror, the Firefly family seeks refuge from the police at the ranch. The third and final installment in the trilogy,3 From Hell,released a week before Sid Haig passed away on September 21, 2019. The ranch was notably missing, but it wasn't entirely necessary because the location had been compromised after police swarmed it in search of the murderous trio.

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While3 From Hellwasn't negatively impacted by the loss of Sable Ranch, the overall loss of the location to the movie industry was devastating. When Universal shelvedHouse Of 1000 Corpsesout of fear for a possible NC-17 rating, the filming location on the studio's lot was never featured in the trilogy again. This is likely due to Zombie moving the project over to Lions Gate Entertainment. The Firefly houses aren't mainstays to the franchise, but they are unforgettable fixtures to their narratives. When Sable Ranch burned to the ground in 2016, it was another location Zombie couldn't bring the family back to.

The Devil's Rejectsis one of the many movies that were filmed at Sable Ranch, which once stood at25933 Sand Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, California. Rob Zombie actually utilized the location for his 2012 supernatural horror movie,The Lords Of Salem.Prior to becoming host to these gory features, Sable Ranch notably transformed into "Motel Hello" from 1980'sMotel Hell,andwasalso part ofLeatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Hatchet,andLittle Dead Rotting Hood.

Sable Ranch has been a staple for horror filmmakers for decades. When a Southern California wildfire broke out in 2016, it became one of several casualties that burned in its wake. Attempts to save it proved impossible, as the fire continued to burn well after the Western-style ranch went up in flames. The set was integral to so many movies and television shows; its surrounding location has been featured inBuffy The Vampire SlayerandSons Of Anarchy.If it hadn't burned, it is possible that Zombie may have brought the Firefly family back to the ranch, but it's unlikely, given the compromised status of the location in the franchise canon. However, due to his return to it in 2012 forThe Lords Of Salem,it can only be assumed that it may have been a set he had in mind for future projects.

As of this writing, Sable Ranch remains a pile of ash. The stables crumbled to the ground, the water tower fell, and the surrounding landscape is charred. The 2016 Southern California wildfire was devastating to the movie industry as a whole, and while it didn't impact the Firefly trilogy's third and final movie, it did have resounding effects on projects that were set to film or were currently filming at the location.The Devil's Rejectswill be part of the history of Sable Ranch as one of the many lucky movies that had the opportunity to use it before it burned down.

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