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The new Warzone yellow access card at Shipwreck adds a zombies event top Verdansk. Grab the card and you can take on a nifty new challenge to complete, which gives you a bunch of goodies if you can finish it. However, completing the event isnt easy, so well go through the steps you need to get through it, along with tips on how to acquire the new Warzone yellow access card during season 2.

Here's how to get the new Warzone yellow access card at Shipwreck and use it in Call of Duty Warzone.

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The first step to acquiring the new yellow access card is to land at Shipwreck, a new point of interest on the southeastern side of Verdansk next to Prison. Its very likely youll encounter a ton of enemy players here, so you should be prepared for a fight. As you land, be sure to take note of the enemies nearby so you have an idea of how many youll need to face.

One thing we recommend is to avoid landing at Shipwreck if its within the main path of the plane at the start. This is even more essential if the plane spawns right above Shipwreck, because you wont stand a chance against dozens of players. For best results, attempt landing there when the planes path is well out of the way, that way you wont have to deal with as many enemy players.

As soon as you land at Shipwreck, make an effort to grab a weapon, shields, and ammo so you can defend yourself against other players and the enemies that lie ahead. Better yet is if you can find a silenced weapon - that way you wont pop up on the minimap. Try to listen for other players so you can get a sense of where they are.

After youre all geared up, you then need to go to the back of the ship on the bottom floor. Here, youll find an open area with a second floor. Go up the steps on the right side and youll find a computer you can interact with, giving you a prompt to Activate the Zombie Event.

Doing so will trigger a horde of zombies to spawn and you need to take out 40 of them. This can be tough since youll probably be low on ammo and will likely be surrounded by other players, making it much harder to finish the objective.

For best results, we advise to hide and wait for other enemy players to take out the zombies for you. Youll notice a counter in the top left of the screen indicating X/40 zombies killed. Even if you dont take out a zombie, the counter will go up, so you can get a clear indication of whether an enemy is nearby by paying attention to this number.

Youll also notice that red indicators will show up on the minimap, letting you know where the zombies are. Pay attention to these markers to get a sense of where other players might be. If you see red markers disappear in a certain area, it means someone is taking them out, so approach with caution.

After the 40th zombie is defeated, youll get a notification that the zombie event has ended. The final zombie will then drop a yellow keycard as a reward, so pick it up. Its worth noting that you dont need to be the one who secured the final zombie kill to pick it up.

In fact, you can even take out an enemy player after theyve acquired the yellow access card, much like the red access cards that unlock bunkers throughout the map. One thing thats interesting is that you can actually reactivate the event if youd like to go for another yellow access card, so keep that in mind.

Either way, once you grab the yellow access card, a yellow supply box will appear on the map and will show up on the HUD as indicated by a black and yellow skull icon. Simply follow the icon to reach the supply crate.

Here, youll find various goodies including a Self-Revive kit, an armor satchel, and most importantly, a golden Durable gas mask, which lasts double the time of the standard mask. This item is super useful for obvious reasons and should be saved for the later portions of the match if possible.

Ultimately, this event is neat and can be exhilarating to get through, but its tough to recommend going for it more than once. The Durable gas mask is an excellent reward, but if youre looking for a win, youre better off playing the match normally. Still, its exciting to see zombies implemented into Warzone, so we recommend at least checking out the event once.

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Warzone yellow access cards - how to survive the new shipwreck zombies event - Gamesradar

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