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Call of Duty: Warzone finally has its zombies back as the midpoint update for season four launches today, July 27, introducing the reworked Rebirth of the Dead mode alongside new rewards and calling cards.

Rebirth of the Dead plays similarly to 2021s Zombie Royale, or the long-standing Infected mode from Modern Warfare (which, by the way, could be making a comeback in MW 2). Ten teams of four start on Rebirth Island, and, to begin with, everything proceeds as normal gear up, work together, and slaughter your opponents. Only problem is, everyone you kill now comes back as a zombie, and their job is to eliminate every living player on the map using some extra abilities like the charged jump.

Zombie players canresurrect themselves and come back as humans by finding antiviral canisters, which are acquired either by killing human operators, accessing chests and buy stations, or executing tricky, zombie finishing moves. Theres another twist in the form of the infestation meter, which gradually increases as the operators slay the undead horde. Once its full, anyone left spectating the match will return as a zombie, giving the living, breathing, not-decomposing human players yet another challenge to surmount.

As youve probably guessed, winning a Rebirth of the Dead match as a human is no small feat, hence the prestigious Last Alive calling card, which can only be earned by eliminating all the zombies and surviving to the end of the game. Theres also the Head Scratcher card, which you can pick up simply by playing as a zombie and performing a finishing move on a human operator.

Rebirth of the Dead launches July 27, though there is currently no information on how long it will run. In the meantime, you might want to check out the upcoming Call of Duty League Championship, where you can win a free code for the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

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Warzone zombies rise again in season four update - PCGamesN

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