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After Disneys first two Zombies movies dealt with the realities of brain-eating undead and werewolves terrorising the town of Seabrook, the newly released Zombies 3 has something even more out-of-this-world in store.

The film sees Seabrook fall victim to an alien invasion. Several hyperintelligent beings arrive on the scene to take part in the towns upcoming cheer-off.

Naturally, any arriving aliens must come with their own spaceship and in Zombies 3, that craft is known as the Mothership. It has a sassy and sarcastic personality all of its own.

The voice of Mothership will be familiar to many Zombies 3 viewers but just who is the actor fans are hearing?



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Zombies 3 continues the story of zombie football player Zed and cheerleader Addison. It follows them as they embark on their final year at Seabrook High.

After years of squabbles, the town has finally become a safe haven for zombies, humans and werewolves alike. Both Zed and Addison are looking forward to the next stage of their lives, college.

Before the couple can begin their new adventure, there is one last thing to do in Seabrook as the town prepares to open its brand-new cheer pavilion. Addison invites a host of cheerleading teams from around the world to compete in an international cheer-off.

However, the competition also attracts the attention of a group of intergalactic outsiders as a spaceship full of aliens arrives.

The alien trio of A-Lan, A-Li and A-Spen are apparently here to compete in the cheer-off. Although the residents of Seabrook quickly grow suspicious of the new arrivals when they discover that they may be looking for more than just friendly competition.

Voicing the alien Mothership in Zombies 3 is RuPaul Charles, better known simply as RuPaul.

Born in San Diego, California on November 17, 1960, the 61-year-old is one of the most famous drag queens in the world. He is arguably best known for being the host of RuPauls Drag Race and its various spin-offs, which have seen him win a jaw-dropping 11 Emmy awards a Guinness World Record.

RuPaul rose to fame in the 1990s after he earned his big break as a singer. His 1993 album Supermodel of the World put him on the radar and earned 109th spot on the US Billboard 200.

As of 2022, RuPaul has released a whopping 14 studio albums, the most recent being Mamaru, which was released in January earlier this year.

On top of his singing and appearances on an endless array of reality TV shows, RuPaul is also an accomplished actor with more than 90 roles to his name according to IMDb.

As well as appearing in Zombies 3, RuPaul has also appeared in the likes of Girlboss, BoJack Horseman, The Simpsons, Broad City, Netflixs Grace and Frankie, AJ and the Queen, Chicago Party Aunt and Amphibia.

RuPauls appearance as Zombies 3s Mothership has certainly surprised fans, with many taking to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One confused fan on Twitter asked: Quick question. Why is RuPaul in Zombies 3?

While another disbelieving fan wrote: RuPaul is in Zombies 3 and he plays the Mothership. I know this sounds like a lie but its real, this is real life.

The fact that RuPaul is the Mothership in Zombies 3 on Disney+ has made my week, commented this fan.

This shocked viewer added: Was NOT expecting RuPaul to be in Zombies 3 but the world surprises me every day.

And finally, this viewer said: Seeing TikTokers in the new Zombies is not surprising. Hearing RuPaul, however.

Zombies 3 is available to stream now on Disney+ after releasing on Friday, July 15, 2022.

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