This Scottish stadium hamburger is a zombie on a bun – SB Nation

Aberdeen FC in Scotland has managed to not just create a burger, but the undead then put it on a bun.

This is another gem from the Twitter account @FootyScran, who I last wrote about back in April when they shared a cheeseburger from Leeds United which was burned so badly it was basically cremated. Now, we have this one from Aberdeen which looks like a steamed zombie butt cheek.

I honestly dont know how you achieve this cook. There are remnants of some grill contact on the exterior, but the middle isnt even grey its a weird yellow color. That could be due to bun deterioration caused by sitting on a hot shelf for too long and causing bread adhesion, but that doesnt explain how something achieved looking so undercooked, while knowing its so overcooked.

I love that the Aberdeen and Leeds burgers are the yin and yang, the alpha and the omega, sunrise and sunset. Next to each other these two are simply art.

Im all about food being better and being as good as possible for people so they can enjoy it. In this case Im making an exception. Never change, UK stadium food, you bring me so much horror and joy.

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This Scottish stadium hamburger is a zombie on a bun - SB Nation

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