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After completing the Firefly trilogy in 2019 with 3 From Hell, Rob Zombie's first installment, House Of 1000 Corpses, remains the best - here's why.

Rob Zombie introduced the world to the Firefly familywho are the focus of his famous trilogywithHouse Of 1000 Corpses, which remains the best movie in the series nearly 20 years later. In 2003, Zombie made his directorial debut with this unforgettable horror/comedy that's filled with dead bodies, blood, and gore. Despite its negative critical reception upon release,House Of 1000 Corpseshas become a cult classic over the years, and for good reason.

The movie follows the murderous Firefly family, which includes Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Otis (Bill Moseley), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), Mother Firefly (Karen Black), Tiny (Matthew McGrory), Rufus (Robert Allen Mukes), and Grandpa Hugo (Dennis Fimple). After a group of friends stumble on Spaulding's The Museum Of Monsters & Madmen, their road trip quickly transforms into a nightmare when they become the targets for the family's sadistic schemes. Following the events ofHouse Of 1000 Corpses,several members of the Firefly family became the protagonists ofThe Devil's Rejects(2005). Despite being incarcerated for their crimes, Otis, Spaulding, and Baby return forthe final installment in the trilogy,3 From Hell.

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WhileHouse Of 1000 Corpsesestablished the comedic elements woven within its horrific depictions of gore, its sequels had an entirely different tone. Zombie moved beyond the structure of the original in favor of a more traditional style of horror.The Devil's Rejectsand3 From HellsurpassHouse Of 1000 Corpsesin ratings, but they have never been able to meet the fan success and cult status of the first movie here's why.

Rob Zombie is known for taking influence from some of the greatest horror classics to exist in the genre. The Firefly family inHouse Of 1000 Corpseswas inspired by Wes Craven's Jupiter clan fromThe Hills Have Eyesand their murderous behavioralong with their bizarre relationshipscame from the director's fascination with Tobe Hooper'sThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre.In essence, Zombie created one of the most unique families in the genre by blending two of its most memorable. While Craven and Tobe Hooper'sworks are far more serious thanHouse Of 1000 Corpses,it is the director's ability to blend comedy and exploitative horror with its traditional influences that serves as one of the movie's greatest assets.

FollowingHouse Of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejectsand3 From Helltook on a more serious tone and removed the comedic aspects of the Firefly family, replacing them with gritty, true crime elements. The second movie in the Firefly trilogy did retain some of the hilarity that the original had, but it didn't fully embrace comedy in the same ways. Zombie's first installment in the Firefly trilogy is full of vulgarity, obscene jokes, bizarre conversations, and even a lip-synching performance from Baby. The atmosphere is so strange and impressively unique that it has never been successfully recaptured in its sequels. Whether it is by choice or on accident, the rest of the trilogy cannot compare to the original's use of horror classics to create a captivating movie that's somehow improved by being full of gore and comedy.

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Why House Of 1000 Corpses Is The Best Movie In Rob Zombie's Firefly Trilogy - Screen Rant

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