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This. Is. Nuts.

18 UpperCut have created an incredible new music video with producer Howie Lee featuring everything from a giant jiangshi (zombie) and lightsabers to cyberpunk backdrops and complaints about the state of Chinese hip hop. Theres so much going on you barely even have time to notice the cameo from singer Akin.

Dont really want to tell you much more about it than that. You should just watch it:

Not familiar with Howie Lee? Heres how we opened a previous RADII profile of him: Howie Lee, a Beijing-raised, UK-educated audiovisual producer and co-founder of theDo Hits label,is hailed as one of the most important names in Chinese electronic music today. He is known for lushly layered, ever-evolving soundscapes that deftly fuse Chinese instrumentals, global folk, and modern genres ranging from drum and bass to trap. A DJ for the dance parties of a dystopian, ethnically-melded future.

An earlier version of Double Kings appeared on Lees 2019 record Tin D B Rn, a concept album that Josh Feola delved into here, calling it Lees most ambitious and musically interesting work yet. And if youre up on Howie Lees back catalogue, youll know thats quite some statement.


Creative Collective 18 Uppercut Returns with Culture-Jamming Kung Fu Mashup Dukkha

Meanwhile, 18 Uppercut continue to dazzle with their music video output. Their pop culture-mining video for Dukkha is a RADII favorite, while their interactive Bohan Phoenix video for Overseas was well, fire. And then there was their last collaboration with Akin, a twisted, bloody number that you can watch right here.

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Zombies and Neon Fury Star in Howie Lees Insane New Music Video - RADII

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